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19th October 2019 
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The First Step is to Take One!

Is this the time for you to think about trying out therapy?
A good 'fit' with your therapist is really important and for this reason I offer the opportunity to have a free half-hour session with me to see if we have the potential as a team to help you make the changes you are seeking.

About Me
I qualified as a therapist in 2001 and have been accredited by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) as Counsellor/Psychotherapist for over 14 years. I have been working with individuals in my private practice here in Ealing for the past 18 years. I also have extensive experience counselling young people aged 10-21. I have counselled in schools and youth counselling services for 21 years and welcome enquiries from or on behalf of this age group.

The type of therapy I offer is known as Person-Centred. Founded by Carl Rogers in the 1950's, it's also sometimes known as Rogerian therapy and belongs to the humanistic school of therapy. Without going into mind-numbing detail at this stage, I am not an analyst with a couch, but bring my humanity to the work.

About You
My interest is in you, the whole person, not just the part of you which is feeling anxious, depressed or has trouble controlling your anger [to take three common presenting problems]. Or maybe you just feel a bit flat and 'oh no, summer is over-ish', a bit grey and not very optimistic or clear about the future. Therapy can provide a space to work out what you want from pressing that 'refresh' button.

About Us
A fundamental element of my counselling philosophy is that the relationship between you - the client - and me - the therapist is all-important and forms the basis for permanent therapeutic change and growth. To put it more straightforwardly, we work together as a team .I know a lot about psychotherapy and psychology but I believe you are the expert on you! Together we set about exploring your present feelings and very often how your past impacts you now. You will get to understand more about the distress or problem that has led you to seek help, and very likely change old, less than helpful, patterns of reaction and behaviour, ultimately leading to relief from some of those life-sapping feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger and so on.

Taking That First Step
I know from my own experience and that of countless clients that feeling powerless can be very incapacitating, whether you feel powerless to control panic attacks, overeating, your worrying thoughts, your children or your bullying boss. Very often people find that the very act of initiating counselling can help restore a feeling of being in control. For others, it is more that therapy provides a different way of looking at a difficult past and the relationships that made it so in order to live more fully in the present and future.

What I Can Help With
I am experienced at working with a broad range of issues including, but not limited to

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss - through bereavement, termination or miscarriage, divorce, separation or redundancy
  • Relationship difficulties and dilemmas - Do I stay or do I go?
  • Workplace stress or bullying, very often interlinked
  • A need to process childhood issues such as family relationships, or sexual,physical and emotional abuse
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Gender identity issues, including the dilemmas around transitioning

    I also welcome enquiries from those who find it hard to define what is pushing them to seek counselling -maybe a continuing sense of emptiness, or feeling that they can make more of their life.

    In the words of a client "Over the months that I worked with Dianne, she enabled me to not only find a solution to the problem that I had initially gone to see her about, but she also instilled enough confidence in me that I was able to change fundamental (negative) things in my life which had been hanging over me and which I had been clinging onto. She enabled me to have courage and self belief to get rid of those and to forge ahead so that I find myself in a new house, with a new job and rid of many toxic relationships in my life (mere dreams six months ago!). "

    Studying Counselling?
    I work with many counselling and psychotherapy students for whom therapy is an integral part of the training, and am attempting to model best practice for them. I'm on the list of Metanoia-approved therapists.

    Where To Find Me
    Based in central Ealing, my Counselling, Psychotherapy and Counselling Supervision practice is well situated to be accessible by public transport and so is within easy reach of Central and West London, in particular Acton, Brentford, Chiswick, Greenford, Hammersmith, Hanwell, , Richmond, Shepherds Bush and Southall. It is a 10-minute walk from South Ealing Piccadilly line tube station and about a 15-minute walk from Ealing Broadway tube [Central and District lines] and mainline station. The 65 bus stops five minutes away. Forecourt parking is available for clients wishing to travel by car. I regret my consulting room is not wheelchair-accessible.

    If you are looking for a counsellor, psychotherapist, youth counsellor or supervisor in Ealing, you can contact me by emailing me at [email protected] or by calling for more information on 020 8566 2004