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5th March 2021 
In A Client's Own Words... purple swing

A Recent Client Describes Her Experience

I went to therapy with the intention of solving a problem. A problem that I thought was the bane of my existence, and a problem that I wasn't sure I'd be able to solve. I had never been to therapy and therefore did not know what to expect.

My experience with Dianne was a very welcome one. From the outset she was extremely welcoming and calm which soothed my jittery worries almost as soon as I walked into the front door.

Over the months that I worked with her, she enabled me to not only find a solution to the problem that I had initially gone to see her about, but she also instilled enough confidence in me that I was able to change fundamental (negative) things in my life which had been hanging over me and which I had been clinging onto. She enabled me to have courage and self belief to get rid of those and to forge ahead so that I find myself in a new house, with a new job and rid of many toxic relationships in my life (mere dreams six months ago!). I truly believe I am a different person today and in a much better place for having met her.

There are not enough words that I could use to express how fulfilling I have found this experience and how much I have to thank Dianne for it." (32-year old female)

The Mother of a 15 Year-Old Male Client Wrote:

"James (pseudonym) told me your agreed plans to bring the counselling to an end and he certainly seems so much happier and more confident since working with you. Interestingly, this has also reflected in his school work, his recent school report showed how focused he has been at school and I am sure that is in part down to the counselling. It is so wonderful for me to see my son liking who he is and more accepting of himself and the world at large. We are very indebted to you."